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When you become an Protein Highway member, you are helping advance the science of alternative plant proteins on a global sc​ale. Members benefit from greater access to top science; networking and volunteer opportunities; professional​ develop​men​​t an​d mentoring; and​ discounts on future events. Join today and ensure a bright future for yourself and alternative proteins.

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​Membership Options

​​​​Individual Membership​

​​$79 USD​​​​

​Corporate Membership

​$159 USD

​​​Student Membership

​​$20 USD

Member Benefits​

  • Individual Member Benefits
    Leadership Opportunities: Volunteer to serve on one of three Action Teams that help carry out the develop the Protein Highway's strategic plan. Action Teams include Research & Collaboration, Business & Investment Opportunities and Organizational Development & Marketing. Run for a Board Position (Three-Year Terms).

    Networking and Events: Connect with other alternative protein enthusiasts to gain knowledge and expand your professional network. Receive a 10% discount on all​ Protein Highway events.

    Publications: Receive the quarterly Protein Highway Newsletter and special alternative protein features in partner publications.

    Flash Talks: Access and contribute to free web-based updates on new research and business development in alternative proteins. Provide a talk on your own development​ research or open innovation opportunity.

    Training: Tap into deep-dive scientific learning opportunities and leadership skills building workshops with industry experts and partner organizations.

  • Corporate Member Benefits
    Company Recognition: Your company logo on the Protein Highway website, all Protein Highway event materials (print & online); access to sponsorship opportunities for other Protein Highway events throughout the year; discounted table-top rates for PPP.

    Job Board: Post your company's open positions on the Protein Highway website to access new graduates as well as seasoned professionals looking for their next opportunity.

    All of the Above Individual Membership Benefits

  • Student Member Benefits
    Career Opportunities: Access to an online job board

    Mentorship: Request a mentor within the Protein Highway network to help you explore your career options in the field of alternative proteins.

    Special Discounts: Access to student-level pricing for events.

    All of the Above Individual Membership Benefits, except voting rights and Board Leadership Positions.

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